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  • Nawara Sivron

    The crew of the Runner's High don't know too much about "Siv" and his backstory, except that his family was once very important on Ryloth before the Empire.

  • Crix Donos

    A former officer with the Corellian Security Forces (CorSec), he left the force after 20 years of service and decided to use his connections to smuggle weapons off of Corellia in an effort to secure what he calls his "retirement fund".

  • Inspector Kinall

    Adar Kinall is an Imperial Customs inspector based on the ISB Imperial-class Star Destroyer _Vigilant_. A sniveling careerist, Inspector Kinall fancies himself a man of whit and sophistication. Curiously, however, he's been stuck in this post for years …

  • Garik Andari

    58 Years old. Worked for 35 years at Corellian Engineering Corporation as an engineer and ship designer. Retired at 55 (3 years ago) to become a part time paid consultant for them, while also becoming a professor at the Coronet Institute of Technology, …

  • Tex Ardellian

    Nerf Rancher on Corellia. Very wealthy from selling cattle, meat, leather and other animal products. The players have worked for him in the past for legitimate jobs shipping his various cargo to planets in the Corellian Sector and beyond. Loves to …

  • Jet Bastra

    Leader of the Swoop Bike Gang, The Sons of Fortune. It was founded as a haven for ex Republic Army veterans. Jet is the only living founding member still able to ride. He is famed for his ability as a rider, although the years are starting to catch up …

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